Welcome Friends,

Our world is in the midst of great change and the time to seek collaboration and connectedness with another is more important than ever before. Many years ago, I vowed to assist all genders of all ages find their dignity, strength and wisdom regardless of life’s circumstances.

My service is to guide you toward growing your inner knowing, awakening your sense of purpose and connecting with your essential nature, your basic goodness. Our sessions may include deep and intimate conversation, ancestral lineage work, or receiving sacred healing touch. The intention I hold is to create a sense of trust and safety not only through my intuition and guidance, but also by empowering yours.

Together we can craft the vessel necessary to find your own way toward becoming centered, grounded and more at peace with yourself by embracing what is truly heartfelt, meaningful and holy in your daily life.

Find your way toward becoming centered, grounded and more at peace with yourself.


Jamy provides Energy Medicine Healing and Spiritual Counseling. She is a teacher and facilitator of The Constellation Approach™ blending Energy Medicine, Family Constellations and awakening to Soul Consciousness.

With compassion and intimacy, Jamy creates the vessel necessary for you to find your own way.

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