Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

For physical, emotional and
spiritual well-being

I have been practicing Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine at Healing Arts of Belmont since 1994.  I have additional specialty training in infertility, geriatrics, pediatrics, acute and chronic illness, cancer treatment and recovery support, psycho-spiritual (mental/emotional) ailments, sports medicine and substance abuse. In my 25 years of practice I have witnessed innumerable conditions benefit from the application of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine.

An anonymous donor to the New England School of Acupuncture, where I received my Master’s degree in both Chinese and Japanese Acupuncture, created The Compassionate Healer Fellowship in my name. This endowed scholarship is awarded annually to the school’s graduating senior who best exemplifies the characteristics of a Compassionate Healer. While healing may not always lead to a cure, the Compassionate Healer offers not only skill and training, but also a safe and secure environment of support and reflection in which the patient can become receptive to his/her own innate wisdom and healing power.

My approach to acupuncture is to create a gentle and relaxing treatment; for when the body is calm the tissues heal. I work specifically to treat the presenting problem but also to address any underlying conditions affecting your overall wellness. I use a combination of the four aspects of health and healing to promote balance and wellbeing. I have treated children as young as 7 years old and have patients who continue to see me well into their late 80’s.

Many people choose to continue to receive Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine periodically as a way to maintain good health and wellbeing after their initial conditions have been resolved. Eastern Medicine is traditionally viewed as a preventative system of health as much as an acute intervention to illness and disease.

Four Aspects of Health

Physical: The base level; being in the world without it physically wearing us down or overwhelming our immune system.

Emotional: A balance of feelings, ability to tolerate a wide range of emotions.

Mental: A clear mind, good thoughts, reasonable decision making, a healthy attitude.

Spiritual: A connection with something larger than oneself, beyond the personality, ego and material world.

Four Aspects of Healing

Acupuncture: Needle insertion, electrical Acupuncture, magnet therapy, heat application and other techniques to gather, disperse or strengthen the body’s energy.

Herbal Medicine: Topical application of liniments or plasters, prescriptions of teas, pills or herbal extracts.

Massage: Gentle manipulation of muscles and connective tissues.

Energy Healing (Qi Gong): Subtle energy techniques to facilitate healing on emotional and spiritual levels.

“I have been receiving acupuncture from Peter since 2002. I credit him for keeping me healthy and strong.”
~ C.D age 87

Scheduling a Private Session

My office is conveniently located near Belmont Center on Pleasant St (MA-60) with ample parking. I have two private treatment rooms as well as separate waiting and consultation areas. At the end of your first appointment, I will offer a treatment plan based on your specific needs and my knowledge and experience. This includes the number of treatments I feel your condition may require, along with any recommendations for herbal medicine.

Sessions may be scheduled by contacting Peter at:
617.484.HEAL (4325), Ext. 1
or e-mail

Tuesday through Thursday: 8:30 am to 7:00 pm
Saturday: 8:30 am to 1:00 pm

Prior to initial visit please submit
Acupuncture Informed Consent Form and Client Intake Form


Initial appointment 90 minutes:
Includes assessment, diagnosis, and acupuncture treatment:
Follow-up appointments approximately 60 minutes: $100
Herbal prescription for thirty-day supply: $50

I have never refused acupuncture treatment to anyone who cannot honestly afford the cost of service I provide.  If it is a hardship to pay the full cost of treatments, please feel free to discuss this with me during our initial conversation.

Medical Insurance discount plans:
Harvard Pilgrim Patients receive a 15% discount if paid at time of visit.

Cancellation: If less than 48 hours’ notice is received, half of the appointment fee is requested. If less than twenty four hours is given, full cost of the session is requested as it is unlikely your appointment can be taken by another.

“For the past 14 years Peter has treated me for a variety of issues and complaints. Peter is a professional in every sense of the word. He listens and is very empathetic. His approach as an acupuncturist and healer is exceptional. I recommend him highly.”

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