The Constellation Approach™ first and foremost assists in healing unresolved feelings you have with your family lineage allowing a gradual strengthening of the positive energies to emerge. This work is based on the Family Constellation method of Bert Hellinger and the extensive body of knowledge that has developed around this methodology over the last three decades. Also included in our Approach are Barbara Brennan’s Energy Medicine model and the philosophical principles of Ralph Metzner on consciousness and Soul Agreements between family members.

“As I began my journey with the Constellation Approach, I started to have dreams about my father and his life. I felt the deep love I have for him, and my heart opening to forgiveness for all that had passed between us. I felt peace emerge and I understood a piece of the Soul agreement between my father and me.”

Beginning from the premise that we are all spiritual beings and have chosen to incarnate into our particular Soul family and selected significant relationships, we embark on the path of peace through the perspective of working with the feminine and masculine energies that are present in your Family Lineage – a lineage that stems back generations upon generations.

This experiential and energy-based process is offered in a gentle, safe, and supportive environment. The Constellation Approach can help you find a way forward, resolve conflict, experience inner peace and discover how you belong to the vast tapestry of your ancestral lineage. I will gradually guide you to the level of Soul awareness, where spiritual insight and understanding occurs.


Working with constellations in a private setting is extremely effective. To do so, the individual presents their issue and a desire to understand or heal in some way. When done in a private setting, constellations are created through the use of small figurines, spirit footprints or colored mats in place of representatives.

Sessions by phone or Skype are an excellent way to experience the Approach if travel to an appointment or seminar is difficult. In this case, clients work with objects they have at hand – chess pieces, nail polish bottles, spice bottles and all sorts of small three dimensional objects work well. Using post-it notes or small pieces of paper with the names of the people in the constellation is also very effective. Since the client is infusing the energy of that person into the object, anything can be used to represent a person or thing.

“Such a tremendous burden I had been carrying my entire life has been lifted. I feel such love and granitite for everyone in my family now. I feel such a sense of freedom. I have witnessed my family’s soul through the constellation…”

Private Family Constellation Session Logistics

  • Your first Constellation Approach private session is 90 minutes.  Once you’ve completed your first session, you may continue with further family lineage healing sessions. These can be scheduled for 90, 75 or 60 minutes with fees of $200, $175 or $150 respectively.
  • Private Family Constellation sessions are offered in person at my office, by phone or skype.
  • For couples interested in Family Constellations who cannot come to our office, I suggest working individually prior to a Skype couples Family Constellation appointment.
  • Once we have confirmed your session by email, feel free to send me a brief explanation of the issue you would like help with along with some background facts.
  • Please make payment below.
  • I ask that appointments by phone or Skype be paid three days in advance of the appointment. Please understand that we cannot have a phone or Skype session until payment is received.
  • For more thorough understanding of the Constellation Approach, including Seminars and the Immersion Program and our Book; The Constellation Approach, please visit our other website




Sessions may be scheduled by contacting Peter at:
617.484.HEAL (4325), Ext. 1
or e-mail

Tuesday through Thursday: 8:30 am to 7:00pm
Saturday: 8:30am to 1:00pm

Thank you for your interest.  I look forward to meeting and assisting you.

Cancellation: If less than 48 hours’ notice is received, half of the appointment fee is requested. If less than twenty four hours is given, full cost of the session is requested as it is unlikely your appointment can be taken by another.

For more thorough understanding of The Constellation Approach, including Seminars and the Immersion Program, please visit our other website at


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