Peter has been a principal facilitator for the Hero’s Journey Foundation for over 15 years, leading fire walks, sweat lodges, medicine walks and working with the alchemy of nature during the foundation’s summer intensive each year.

In his private practice he helps the authentic masculine identity arise from the ashes of one’s failures, shortcomings, desires and aspirations. He has supported men as young as thirteen through elders in their seventies and eighties find their direction, return to their center and appreciate their value.

Peter is committed to assisting men of all ages come to peace so that they may become the best possible man for themselves, their family, community and humanity.

In addition to his private practice Peter leads a monthly men’s group based on the mythology of the Hero’s Journey.

“Thank you for leading our group of men. You lead us with compassion and strength, and ultimately into a place of deeper healing. When I first met you, all I could perceive was your energy of authority and assertiveness. But, as the week went on, I was able to perceive your compassion and love. Your kind words meant a lot to me. They awakened a deep place within me that I had been desiring to have come alive for a long time. I felt that God, Spirit, was initiating me into manhood in relationship to the feminine through your words. Thank you for being open to letting spirit work through you.”

~Sincerely, Nic.

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