Intimate ways for Individuals and for Couples to experience The Constellation Approach

Sometimes you need an intimate yet efficient way to move toward more peace with an issue. Maybe you have a situation related to work, a relationship, life direction, or a family matter? Regardless, you likely know that you are paying a price by not being at peace.

Within 90 minutes, we can shift energy toward more peace.

A Private Constellation Session invites you to understand the deeper reasons for your unhappiness and how you can move toward a more fulfilling experience of life. How can you be at peace? That inquiry is our mutual focus.

Common Private Constellation situations include but aren’t limited to

  • Addiction
  • Adoption
  • Family matter
  • Illness
  • Infertility
  • Infidelity
  • Life direction
  • Loss
  • Money
  • Relationship dynamics
  • Sexuality
  • Work

Any life issue can be looked at through the lens of The Constellation Approach – a portal into your unconscious where answers that aren’t easily accessible on the surface of your understanding await. 


You will meet in our offices with either Jamy or Peter, by phone or Skype. The setting is always private. We will guide you to depict your Constellation by using small wooden figurines that serve to “stand in” or represent the issue at hand. Together we will help to identify the issue, explore the lineage of its origination, and also assist you in gaining insight, understanding, and peace.

A Private Constellation session may be as simple as the placement of representatives for yourself and one of the persons involved in your situation, or it may become as complex as including parents and grandparents, siblings, past partners, children, and more. The spirit of the work is to attempt to discover the entanglements that are preventing you from moving into a fuller experience of life.


These remote sessions are an excellent way to experience The Constellation Approach if travel to an appointment or Seminar is difficult. We will work with whatever objects you have at hand to represent figures within your Constellation. Chess pieces, nail polish bottles, sea shells, spice bottles, and all sorts of small objects work well. You may even use Post-it notes or small pieces of paper with the names of the people in the Constellation. Since you are infusing the energy into the object, anything may be used to represent a person or thing.

COUPLES, PARTNERS AND OTHER RELATIONSHIPS SESSIONS are offered in person at our offices or during Seminars. We suggest that couples who wish to work with us but cannot come to our offices or Seminars, make separate individual appointments via Skype. The spirit of the work is to attempt to discover the entanglements that are preventing you or you and your partner or family member from moving into a fuller experience and expression of love. It is empowering when a partner or family member is witnessed by the other while doing their personal Constellation. Respect. Understanding. Compassion. These are what can rise up.


To schedule a PRIVATE SESSION, please Contact Us. Once we have confirmed your session by email, please make payment following the link below.

Your first Constellation Approach private session is 90 minutes. Once you’ve completed your first session, you may continue with further sessions. These can be scheduled for 90 or 75 minutes.

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It can be found through your family lineage.


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