The Constellation Approach

Finding Peace Through
Your ​Family Lineage

What if on the journey to healing deep family wounds you could transform your consciousness and live with greater peace?

This book teaches you the frameworks and equips you with the tools to take that journey so you can restore harmony in your relationships.

The Constellation Approach is a blueprint for uncovering the sources of unresolved and often long-hidden conflicts so you can take a path toward inner peace. It makes the case that in our times of global division, we can contribute to world peace by finding inner peace through our family lineage.

This book is the culmination of Jamy and Peter Fausts’ brave and innovating healing work over the past twenty years. Together and individually, they have helped people heal emotional wounds rooted in many varieties of trauma, neglect, loss, and longstanding family loyalties. Inspired by the teachings of Bert Hellinger, The Constellation Approach combines the practical wisdom of healing traditions from both East and West with the Fausts’ signature understanding of the Soul’s journey.

This journey not only will change forever the way you understand the dynamics of families. It also will expand and deepen your experience of authentic love.

The Constellation Approach reimagines our conflict-ridden world as being gradually yet boldly transformed by peace – one family at a time.

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“In the enlightened tradition of works by Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, James Hillman, and other brave travelers who have charted the Soul’s hidden territories, The Constellation Approach by Jamy and Peter Faust invites us to delve deeper into the ancestral patterns and energies that shape every level of our lives. This book is a generous act of love that will challenge – and inspire – many. I can see their great teacher, Bert Hellinger, smiling at the scope of their accomplishment.”

Stephen Jimenez
Bestselling author of The Book of Matt


  • Direct experiences of each of the ten key Constellations.
  • Family of Origin
  • Father’s Lineage
  • Mother’s Lineage
  • Siblings
  • Physical Disease and Mental Illness
  • Death
  • War and Conflict
  • Immigration/Migration
  • Religion
  • Relationships
  • Central tenets and concepts of the Family Constellation and Energy Field models that we use in The Constellation Approach.
  • Constellation Journeyer stories to help you recognize parts of your own journey.
  • Soul-level awareness practices of enhancing self-perception, your role within your family, and your current life within the world.
  • Detailed steps to practice and apply The Constellation Approach to your own family lineage.

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