The Constellation Approach Immersion Program

A personal journey of transformation

If you deeply desire to gain the tools, mentors, and community necessary for transformation in relation to your family and ancestral lineage, our experiential Immersion Program could be the right path for you.

The Immersion Program is a one-, two-, or three-year course in self-development and expansion of consciousness through the practice of The Constellation Approach to Family Constellations. Drawing from the classic style of Family Constellations pioneered by Bert Hellinger, the Immersion Program also steeps you in our signature approach to energy field theory and Soul awareness to broaden your knowledge and deepen your personal path toward peace. Our Book – The Constellation Approach: Finding Peace Through Your Family Lineage – provides the basis for the training.

The Constellation Approach Immersion Program affords you the opportunity to experience the full sequence of Constellations we have organized in our teachings as well as laying a solid foundation for learning the art and practice of Family Constellations.

If accepted, you can enter the program for one year, two years, or three years – depending upon your situation and commitment to the process.

The Constellation Approach Immersion Program process is akin to walking up a spiral stair-case that expands in an ever-widening arc. The higher you traverse the stairs, the more your inner knowledge and personal, relational, and familial healing increases. As with any pathway of awakening, the further you travel along its route, the greater the insight, understanding, and compassion that occurs along with expanding your ability to assist others through this philosophy.

In the Program you

come to a greater acceptance and agreement of your Soul’s purpose within your family lineage

further integrate the masculine and feminine energies within yourself that you may actively fulfill your purpose

learn the fundamental tenets, theory, and methodology of Family Constellations

immerse in each of our 10 key Constellations

work from our book The Constellation Approach

Our methods and activities include experiential personal constellations, representative roles in constellations, self-directed exercises, guided imagery meditations, and engaging lectures.

You also fully participate in our Saturday Seminar Series in which a broad range of issues relevant to applying the Constellation Approach are presented.


The ideal Constellation Journeyer for the Immersion

is committed to spiritual growth and expansion of consciousness

is willing to journey through personal work within a safe container

seeks a deeper understanding of the self in relation to their ancestral lineage

is willing to enter into a sacred mystery with like-minded people

desires a greater sense of peace for themselves and others in relation to family and life


You become part of our intimate and supportive Constellation Community. We create a safe, supportive environment so that you learn from one another and buoy one another on your respective transpersonal journeys.

Students from all class years participate equally, thus creating a circular teaching environment. The new student draws on the knowledge and experience of more advanced students, while advanced students are continually exposed to new family constellation patterns and situations.

Throughout each year and within every class, the transformational journey continues to evolve at a fresh yet deeper level of understanding of yourself in relation to your Family Soul.


Class Meetings: (Friday-Monday)
1: October 13-16, 2017
2: November 10-13, 2017
3: December 8-11, 2017
4: March 2-5, 2018
5: April 6-9, 2018
6: May 4-7, 2018

Class Meetings: (Friday-Monday)
1: October 12-15, 2018
2: November 9-12, 2018
3: December 7-10, 2018
4: March 1-4, 2019
5: April 5-8, 2019
6: May 3-6, 2019

2017-2018 Registration

Option 1 – Available to all students, required for Year 3 students
4-day fee (Friday-Monday) [Six 4-day meetings] – $3900

The 4-day Registration includes tuition for the Immersion Program [six 4-day meetings (Friday–Monday)] and a Certificate of Completion upon finishing all six 4-day modules.

Option 2 – Available to Year 1 and Year 2 students
3-day fee (Friday- Sunday) [Six 3-day meetings] – $3400

The 3-day Registration includes tuition for the Immersion Program [six 3-day meetings (Friday-Sunday)] and a Certificate of Completion upon finishing all six 3-day modules.


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