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We begin from the premise that all of us are spiritual beings having a human experience and have chosen to incarnate into our particular Soul family. There is a Veil of Forgetting that prevents us from fully understanding who we are in relation to this multi-generational family lineage. We play a very important role in the healing and evolution of our family, but cannot comprehend it unless we move past the personality and our ideas of right and wrong. Through the Constellation Approach, it is possible to view a glimpse of the Soul agreements between family members and begin to realize the need to move beyond the conscious mind to a deeper understanding of our place in the vast tapestry of life.

Each family has a large energy field that encapsulates it. This energy field may be visualized as concentric circles. The first circle starts with the individual, then expands outward to include parents and siblings, grandparents, their siblings, and continues outward through each generation to form more concentric circles, like the orbits of planets around the sun.

Our approach to working with constellations follows the principle of healing which states that all energetic systems seek a state of balance to be healthy. Individuals and groups have an unconscious and continual desire to achieve this state of equilibrium.

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