Spirit and Soul

 In Soul Nature
The shamanic traditions recognize that everything processes consciousness. The animals, plants, rivers and its locations all have a spiritual quality that can be perceived. When our physical bodies cease to exist, it is generally believed that our consciousness transitions to another realm of existence. Heaven, The Pure Lands, The Above, Returning to Source, there are many names for the land where the spirits of our ancestors reside.

In The Constellation Approach we use the terms Spirit and Soul to differentiate between embodied and disembodied consciousness. When consciousness resides inside a physical body, we say that we have a Soul; we process Soul consciousness or have a Soul Nature. When an individual’s physical body no longer exists, we say they are now in Spirit. Their consciousness is no longer held in place by physical form but is free to wander in the non-material planes of existence.

In our meditations, we actively call on the spirits of our ancestors to support the work, invoking the Ancestral Energy Field.  As representatives, we act as a temporary medium for the spirit of the person they represent. As a client, we are attempting to align our Personal consciousness with our Soul consciousness.

The Constellation Approach, at its very root, is a type of Spiritual Energy Healing practice. It includes mental understanding, psychological insights, and emotional catharsis. The permanent shift in consciousness occurs at our Soul Level when we connect with the spirit of our ancestors and the Souls of those we love.

Soul is consciousness that
resides inside our physical container.

Spirit is consciousness that
resides outside our physical container.

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